Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday -- The Boys in the Forest

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During WWII, Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany.  But that did not mean people were unwilling to fight the invasion.  Pictured are the Lommedalen "Boys in the Forest" also known as the "Freedom Fighters of 1945, Group 13313."  They would gather in the woods to practice military exercises and plan and carry out quiet sabotage missions against the Germans.  Among them were 8 family members pictured above: my grandmother's brothers John Bye, Trygve and Kjell Kristiansen; my grandmother's first cousins, Oddvar, Ragnar, and Ivar Jordbaerhaugen, and Hans Bakken; and my grandmother's nephew Roald Bye. 

Photo from the book, Lommedalen -- en bygd y bygda by Jacob Jacobsen.

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