Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday -- Bryn Kirke and Cemetery

Bryn Kirke in Baerum, Norway.  The church was built in 1861.


  1. Where can you find records on who is buried there? I know my grandmother was baptised and confirmed there. I would also like to know if any family is buried there. Can anyone give me a link where you can search the cemetery there?

    1. Hi Vicki. Go to http://www.disnorge.no/gravminner/. You can select English as your language if you have trouble with Norwegian. Then click on the county --Akershus, then pick the municipality -- Baerum, and then select the church-- Bryn. You can then search by name or year or whatever. You may find the patronymic name, but many also used their farm name as a surname. You are going to have to have a bit of an idea who you are searching for since the patronymic names won't necessarily be related to you. Farm names might, but even those can be deceiving because people moved around from farm to farm and changed surname accordingly, and also many farms had quite a few unrelated people living there, too. Oh, and I find this frustrating, but after a search, I find I have to go back to the beginning and sort of start over because for some reason the system gets hung up and all of a sudden it won't find anything. Let me know if you need any help. One more thing, spellings vary quite a bit for the same names, so you might want to use the "begins with" option for the name you are searching rather than spelling the entire name. Good luck.

    2. One last thing -- graves tend to be "re-used" after a while in Norway. Therefore, if the graves you are looking for are old, you may not find them anymore.