Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- Emil Samuelsen Haugen and Family in Finland

Emil Georg Samuelsen Haugen (1871 - 1954) and Hanna Marie Andreasdatter (1871 - 1943) with children, Elvira Helene Haugen (1901 - 1979) and Hans Ereinius Haugen (1906 - 1993).  This picture was taken soon after arriving in Finland in 1914.  They stayed there for 3 years before returning to their home country, Norway.


  1. You do have the best photographs of your family. I love the sharpness of this. We can see the shoe laces, the striped pattern on the coat, mittens and gloves and even those feathers on the hat (which is elegant enough for a royal wedding). Another picture to get lost in.

  2. What a great photo! I've been catching up on my blog reading today and this is the second historical photo I've seen with the whole family in their finest outdoor clothing. I know Finland's cold, but...this kind of looks like a studio to me. I wonder if it was inside or outside?

  3. I was also surprised at how elegant my gg-grandparents were. I know they weren't rich, but they definitely put on their Sunday best for photographs. Heather, yes this was a studio picture. Thanks for the comments!