Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pasquale Ursino's Brother, Giuseppe

Now that my son is out of school for the summer, I have more time to research my family history!  In anticipation of the free time, I ordered 7 new microfilms of Italian records via my local family history library about two weeks ago.  Four microfilms arrived Thursday, and this morning I went to see what I could find. 

One of my goals was to find the birth record for my great-grandmother, Francesca Scuderi, so I can learn about her parents; but that film had not arrived yet.  Out of the 4 that did, one was a microfilm of marriage records from Catania, Sicily, spanning 1888 to 1893.  The story told to me was that my great-grandmother married very young -- perhaps as young as sixteen.  This would mean she may have married in 1892; however, I did not find a record for her through 1893, and I checked the earlier years, too.  It looked like I would have to order marriage records starting in 1894 and that she probably married young but not as young as sixteen.  However, I did take the time to see what else I could find in the records.  After all, my great-grandfather Pasquale was widowed twice before he lived with my great-grandmother, and one of his marriages could have occurred between 1888 and 1893. 

Again, no such luck, but I did find a marriage record for a brother of his I did not know -- Giuseppe Ursino.  Finding a great-uncle was quite exciting because it told me a few things.  For one, Giuseppe was nine years younger than Pasquale, which means there must be more siblings.  It also gives me a later date as a starting point to find out when Pasquale and Giuseppe's parents may have died.

Giuseppe Ursino may have married a cousin since his bride's name is Carmela Ursino.  The marriage record shows Giuseppe's father and mother to be Orazio Ursino and Maria Stabile (as expected) and Carmela's father and mother are Giuseppe Ursino and Rosaria D'Arrigo.  I will have to dig into the records and see if Orazio had a brother named Giuseppe.

Michele is a brother I have heard may have existed but I have yet to find.  Giuseppe Ursino is a new brother I
 discovered today. Pasquale Ursino is my great-grandfather on my maternal side from Catania in Sicily.
A rough piecing together of the marriage record I found telling of the marriage between Giuseppe Ursino and Carmela Ursino.  The marriage took place 18 June 1892.  Click on picture to enlarge.


  1. I'm always amazed by the amount of research you put into your work! Have you ever discovered a relationship to someone you know that you weren't aware of?

  2. Not anyone I know, but definitely people I didn't know who are now friends because I contacted them.

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