Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Nonna and Her Half-Sister

Left: Innocenza Napoli (called Zenna), probably born before or around 1900.  I was lucky to meet her once in the early 80's but too young to think to ask the right questions.  Right: My grandmother, Giuseppa Napoli, or as I called her, Nonna Pina, born June 11, 1914.  She was half-sister to Zenna, but as I have explained before, she carried the surname of her mother's legal husband.  There was no divorce in those days, so my great-grandparents managed to get the legal husband to claim the children (I believe they paid him).  Her father was Pasquale Ursino.  Both sisters were born and lived in Catania, Sicily.


  1. Oh! You look just like her, beautiful :-)

  2. Your grandma looks like a china doll! So lovely!

  3. What a sweet picture! And you do look like your grandmother, it's in the shape of her face.