Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seven More Days -- Norway's 1910 Census

This snapshot was taken with 6 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes, and 45 seconds to go for the release of the 1910 census!

In seven days (December 1), Norway's 1910 census will be available for free here.  I am very excited about this because I will have another glimpse into my ancestors' lives.  The census will tell you where they lived, all the occupants of the home, occupation, and I believe this census has birth dates rather than a year or age.  In earlier censuses, the year of birth is often off a year or two.  The 1910 census has one major difference in that it included a special form for returning emigrants which recorded where they had lived and what their occupations had been; however, this data is expected to be incomplete.

Personally, I am excited to have a look at this census because somehow two of my most important ancestral families were not included in the 1900 census.  The two farms, By and Jordbaerhaugen, happened to be adjoining and a bit far off in Baerum, so perhaps they were accidentally forgotten. 

Happy hunting in the 1910 census! 

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