Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- Three Sisters in Flour Sack Dresses

From left to right: Astrid, Raghnild, and Gyda Kristiansen (my grandmother).  This photo was taken circa 1930.  My grandmother's sister, Astrid, told me all three wore dresses made from white flour sacks!  They look pretty nice don't they?  I believe this was taken at Akershus Castle in Oslo, but I'm not positive.


  1. Flour sacks? But they look so stylish!

  2. Hi Greta,
    I was surprised as well. I am sure the black and white photography makes them look even better... but I will also say my grandmother was a master at sewing, knitting, whatever... and I'm sure her siblings were no different! Thanks for the comment. Astrid.

  3. Hi from another Greta;
    I wonder if it's not on Fredriksten in Halden?
    Take a look here:http://haldenkort.net/galleriFredriksten.php

  4. Hi Greta,
    You are so right! There is another picture that is on the site you sent me that matches another picture I have of my Bestemor and her sisters at that very location (from the same day; same dresses). So, yes, thank you. I know I was probably told where it was a long time ago, but I couldn't remember. Tusen takk. Astrid