Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Biography Series -- Akoline Oleane Jakobsdatter, Part 1

It was less than two years ago I read the name Akoline Oleane Jakobsdatter for the first time.  She is my great-great-great grandmother on my paternal grandfather's line... or maybe it is clearer to say she is my paternal grandfather's great-grandmother.  And in a matter of months, I went from never having heard her name to putting together the pieces of an interesting and sometimes dramatic life. 

My search for Akoline began with my search for her son, my great-great grandfather, Emil Georg Samuelsen Haugen.  I knew more about him because my father and relatives remembered him well.  I also found him in the 1900 census, living in the Fredrikstad area (Moum Soendre farm), Borge Parish, with his wife, son, and three other people I did not recognize.  I next found his confirmation record in the Vestre Fredrikstad parish records, and his mother was listed as Akoline Oleane Johansdatter. (Note: I was unable to find a birth record for Emil, but that is a whole other story for another blog post).  My father had also contacted his cousin, who still lived in the same area and was also a direct descendant, and she knew from yet another descendant she'd contacted that Emil's mother's name was Akoline Jakobsdatter.  Therefore, the first name correlated with the confirmation record I had found but the surname did not.  However, the mystery was solved when my father's cousin told me she'd learned Akoline's father's name was Johan Jakob Roos.  This explained how Akoline could be either Johansdatter or Jakobsdatter. 

Everything so far seemed simple enough, right?  Well, Akoline turned out to be anything but a simple woman.  I knew that Emil's father had died while out at sea when Emil was but 4 years old.  My father had written a school book report on Norway's maritime history and adventures, and he had interviewed his great-grandfather Emil who had once sailed the seas, following in his father's footsteps.  His father was Samuel Andreasen, and all he knew was that Samuel had died off the coast of South America after climbing the mast to make a repair on the bramsail and falling to his death.

Having some knowledge of names and a date of birth for Emil, thanks to the 1900 census, I had an idea of where to start looking for his parents' marriage record.  I assumed they married shortly before he was born but decided to start looking through the records starting two years prior to his birth.  Vestre Fredrikstad did not become its own parish until 1871, the year Emil was born, so I had to search the Glemmen parish records starting in 1869.  These particular records were quite hard to read because the writing was faded, but luckily there were parish register copies for these years.  And when I did find the record, I was more than blown away!  In the marriage record, Akoline was written in by her middle name alone, Oleane, and the surname, Jakobsdatter.  Her husband was Samuel Andreasen.  And both were born in Sweden, Tanum Parish!  My father had never heard of Swedish ancestors, so this was big news to him... and to me. 

Record Translation:
Oleane Jacobsdatter marries bachelor seaman Samuel Andreasen from Trosvigbjerget, Glemmen Parish, 12 December, 1869.

Information: Østfold county, Glemmen, Parish register copy nr. 4 (1867-1875), Marriage records 1870, page 349-350.

Permanent sidelenke:

Samuel was 28 and one-half years old. Oleane was 19 and one-half years old. They were both born in Tanum, Sweden -- “begge fodt i Tanum i Sverige.” They married in Glemmen Kirke, 12 December 1869.

The previous record from the parish register copy was easier to read. Here is the record from the official book. However, again there is the Tanum parish in Sweden listed for both as a birthplace. Also, her father is Johan Jacob Ru?? (hard to make out the name). His father is Andreas Pettersen. You may need to zoom or use a magnifying glass to read it well.

Information: Østfold county, Glemmen, Parish register (official) nr. 8 (1862-1871), Marriage records 1870, page 284.

Permanent sidelenke:

Stay tuned next Sunday to learn more about the mystery of Akoline/Oleane, her Swedish beginnings, and what I learned about her father Johan Jakob and who he really was.

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