Friday, May 7, 2010

A Mystery Solved

Greta of solved the mystery of the location in the picture of my grandmother and her sisters wearing their flour sack dresses (posted here).  Thank you, Greta!  The pictures were taken circa 1930, and I didn't know where.  Greta sent me a link to a site that featured old postcards from the fortress Fredriksten in Halden, Norway, and sure enough the Carl XII monument matched another picture I had with the three sisters standing in front of it.  Now I have another place to visit in Norway.  I do in fact have one set of gggg-grandparents from Halden, so why not?  In fact, as I recall, my gggg-grandfather was a soldier in the 3rd Musketeer company in Halden.  I need to go over my notes to check on the details regarding this, but I wonder if he would have been working at this fortress.  I should note that this ancestor is from my grandfather's line, but it is my grandmother in the picture.

I now know that this (above) is the Carl XII monument in Fredriksten, Halden, Norway

Astrid, Raghnild, and Gyda Kristiansen (my grandmother) wearing their flour sack dresses

I wonder if this gazebo is also located in Fredriksten. I'm thinking the photograph must be from the same day since the three sisters are wearing the same dresses, so it is likely.

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