Saturday, February 27, 2010

Randi Larsdatter and Astrid Kristiansen

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My great-great grandmother Randi Larsdatter Bye (1836-1921), born in Baerum, Norway, made this embroidery.  It hung on my grandmother's wall, and her sister, Astrid, used to love showing it to me when I visited.  On the right hand corner are the initials RLD for Randi Larsdatter. 1836 is her birth date, and 1869 is the year she made the embroidery. When my grandmother died, it passed on to her sister, and when Astrid died she left it to me. My Aunt Astrid was a sweet woman who loved to talk and had a bubbly personality. She had an apartment on the floor below my grandmother's house, and my brother and I loved to go down there and see her.
Both pictures are still-shots from pictures I recorded with a video-camera in 1996. Above is my gg-grandmother Randi Larsdatter and below is one of my Aunt Astrid.  She is seated, and the girl standing is my grandmother, Gyda. I don't know what happened to Astrid's albums after she died, but I hope to find them one day to do a proper scan.

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