Saturday, February 6, 2010

Legacy 7 or Family Tree Maker 2010???

This past Christmas I received TWO genealogy programs -- Family Tree Maker 2010 and Legacy 7.  Which one do I use?

I have a substantial tree online WITH pictures and documents on  The reason I liked the FTM software is that it claims I can download what I have online with all the pictures and everything.  I can also integrate with the Ancestry database for searches.  On the other hand, the more I read about how much you can do with Legacy and how versatile it is and intuitive, the more I want to try the Legacy program.  People seem to love Legacy so much more than FTM, and it has received higher ratings in reviews than FTM, but I don't think I can communicate with my online Ancestry tree or searches in the same way.

Anyone have any suggestions or experiences?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my site and signing on. You won't find much genealogy stuff on that one because it is my fun site. My genealogy site is a different one.
    I can't help you with which of those programs to use as I haven't used either.
    I have used Heritage Family Tree Deluxe and Roots Magic. My online tree is at Tribal Pages and I have no trouble loading information up to it with Roots Magic. I haven't used the other one for a while. RM also connects to directly and a few other sites but the page closes when you go back to look at something in the file. What good is that as you have to search again.
    Sorry I couldn't help you with your decision.
    I would like to add that I think you do great research. It is very interesting.

  2. Astrid,

    If you really mean Family Tree Maker Version 2010 (not Version 10), you do have the capability to download your Member Family Tree on into Version 2010 directly, pictures and all.


  3. Yes, I meant 2010. Do you know if I make changes on FTM, can I then synch and update my online tree on Ancestry?

  4. I mentioned you in my SNGF post! :)

  5. I am using FTM 2010 and have not problems. I like the ability see the green leaf, click it on and easily make contact with other who are researching the same ancestors as me.