Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Norwegian Family Web site

I will be going to Norway this summer on a genealogy tour and hunt, and I am very excited to see what I have seen before with new eyes.  I mean now I will know who lived where, whereas before starting on this voyage into the past, I didn't really know the history behind the areas surrounding my grandparents' home.

My goal is to see as many sites of interest as possible this summer and to meet as many relatives as I can.  I want to share my knowledge, pictures, and treasures in return for theirs.  I figured a Web site was essential to spread the word and serve as a point of contact, so I created one... and it is now available to view!  It is simple, mind you, but a good start.  I can always improve it as I go along.  So here it is:

My Norwegian Family Website: click here!


  1. Wow - hopefully we can meet , Astrid! I think I will be in Norway all summer (depends on my hubbys travelling plans)

  2. Yes, let's meet if we can. That would be great. I will be there late July - August 12.

  3. "I am very excited to see what I have seen before with new eyes." - Oooooo, I love how you said that! I'm excited for you too! I can't wait to follow you virtually on your journey! My Dad did a DNA study a while back and his ancient DNA is Scandinavian. I'm not really sure what that means, but I think it's neat! :)