Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter to Santa

Everyone seems to be writing letters to Santa, so here goes:

Dear Santa,   
I haven't always been on my best behavior this year, but I have been pretty good.  Ok... fair? Yes, well, good enough to send you my list of genea-goodies I wish to receive, right?  So Santa Baby, won't you come down my chimney tonight?

1) I'd really like a death record for my ggg-grandfather Samuel Andreasen -- something that tells me when he died and about his accident out at sea.

2) Please give me knowledge of Nils Olausen Jordbaerhaugen's name change in the U.S. and what became of him. Yes, that would be exciting!

3) It would be so nice to learn what happened to Oleane Jakobsdatter's mother, Helena Magnusdatter, my gggg-grandmother.  Did she die? Did she go back to Sweden?  Why does she disappear after 1865?

4) Some pictures of graves in Italy would be lovely, as I don't have any, and I never thought to take pictures while I was there (this was obviously before I became genea-obsessed).

5) Finding lost graves of ancestors would be the cherry on top of all my gifts.  The Norwegian grave-mining site hasn't been too helpful yet because my area of Norway isn't fully included in the database yet.

6) I need one of your elves to help me find more relatives with pictures and information.  The more the merrier. 

7) I need Italian records for all my Sicilian ancestors.  I know this one is hard to do, but I should be able to find something!

Have I asked for too much?  I actually do have more requests, Santa baby, but I will save some for next year.  After all, I don't want to seem greedy.


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