Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award -- Thank you Thomas and Regina

Thomas MacEntee and Regina both awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award!  I am honored.  Thanks so much!!!!

Now as part of the challenge, it seems I must reveal seven things about myself.

1) I grew up in Italy, Spain, Germany, and New Jersey, and I speak 4 languages (one of them still needs some work).
2) I worked as a science researcher for over 20 years.
3) I published a romance novel back in 2001... and wrote 5 more books after... no luck selling those yet.
4) I earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do a few years ago.
5) I'm a sucker for an old man or woman who needs help, and I cry at commercials, too.
6) I love a good bottle of Riesling wine.
7) If I don't travel every so often, I get antsy and depressed.

I also need to pass along the award to seven other bloggers. Here are some new ones, some older ones, and some from across the ocean.


  1. Astrid, you are SO sweet to think of me! I am very touched and deeply thankful. I love you blog; I always enjoy reading it! Looking forward to keeping in touch.


  2. Thanks for your comment on my photos. I am glad you "get" the concept. I have photographed many and I think cemeteries are the most peaceful places on earth.

  3. Congratulations on your much-deserved award, Astrid, and thank you for passing it on to me! It sounds like you've had a very exciting life! I look forward to reading more about it.

  4. Thank you Astrid for the Award!