Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bestefar's Finnish Beginnings

On May 18, 1914 my great-great grandparents, and great-grandparents left Norway for Bjorneborg, Finland (Pori, as it is called today). I don't know if their intention was to stay, but I know they sought new opportunities; however, I believe WWI made life difficult there, too. They stayed for 3 years before returning once again to Norway. When they returned, my grandfather came back with them. He was born in Pori, Finland. I have decided to search for his birth record; however, the Finnish records are only publically available through the year 1900. It seems I will have to write the parish to request the information on the birth record. I would like to know what it says the parents were doing there for work, and maybe there is even an address. Pori seems like a very nice city I will have to visit one day. Anyway, I will let you know if I hear back from the parish.

Above: The building my great-grandparents, Thomas Alexius Haugen and Joergine Ludvigsdatter Haugen, lived in while in Finland.
My bestefar Thorolf was born during this time.

Above: The house in Finland where my great-great grandparents
Emil Samuelsen and Hanna Andreasdatter (Haugen) lived in
with Thomas's younger siblings, Hans and Elvira.

Re-entry into Norway in 1917; my great-great grandparents'
document. Here is proof that my great-great grandfather used
the name Haugen already. It is signed Emil Georg Samuelsen Haugen.
Back side of the document is below.

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