Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day

This is in honor of all the men and women who have served their countries in times of peace and war.  Here are some who are related to me:

Brother, Kevin. He also served in the first Gulf War.

Several of my grandmother's brothers and cousins were known as "the boys in the woods" in Norway and can be found among the men above.  They resisted the German occupation (WWII) in Norway mostly by planning and carrying out sabotage missions.

My grandfather having a lazy moment during his military service in Norway.  This picture was probably taken around 1922.

My grandmother's brother Giuseppe Napoli from Catania, Sicily, was lost at sea when his ship sank on 18 March 1918 during WWI.    

My fourth great-grandfather, Andreas Petterson Rörberg, from Tanum, Vastra Gotalands, Bohuslän, Sweden served in the Swedish military for 31 years.

And there are more...



    Hi from Norway! I think we are related in some way.

    Kind Regards from
    Fredrik N(Jordbærhaugen)

    1. Hi Fredrik,
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, we must be related. I would love to know how. I have done a lot of research on the Jordbaerhaugens and have a lot of information. Some of it is on my blog, some is not, and a lot should be updated since I have learned more since my older posts. Please email me. I cannot seem to find an email address on your blog or a way to comment to send you a message. I hope you get this. Thanks.