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Pasquale Ursino -- Pedigree and Family Members

Pasquale Ursino from Catania, Sicily
During the Thanksgiving break, I was able to research my Sicilian family history and fill in more dates, and add more people to my great-grandfather's family group.

So far I have found that my great-grandfather had nine brothers and sisters.  He was also married twice and had at least two children with his first wife and at least five with his second wife.  He ended his years with my great-grandmother who he was unable to marry because she was not allowed to obtain a divorce from her husband.  My great-grandparents had four children together, and one can see they gave their children the surname belonging to my great-grandmother's husband in order to make them "legitimate" (see picture of immediate family below).  This was a secret my grandmother guarded very carefully for many years -- Sicilian society was very strict in her day.  My great-grandmother had also had four children (one died young) with her husband before living with my great-grandfather.

Overall, my great-grandfather had several children that died young.  In fact, I was quite sad to see he lost three children with his second wife and that they had died 1-3 years after birth.  He had also lost one child with his first wife.  Also sad was the loss of his first wife -- she was only 27 years old.  I was not able to learn the cause of her death.

I also learned that before marrying his first wife, my great-grandfather was in the navy or merchant marine.  His father had been a career sailor as had his grandfather, so this must have seemed a logical career for him as well. However, my great-grandfather was no longer a sailor when he married his first wife and is listed in many records as "industrioso," "magazziniere," and other similar descriptions. 

Finally, I was also able to add a generation to my tree by finding two sets of his great-grandparents (fourth great-grandparents to me), and I found several death dates to add to the profiles of his family members as well.

My great-grandfather's pedigree
Pasquale's immediate family
Street Addresses for Pasquale Ursino
Strada Cutelli (1863)
Strada della Statua (Largo Statua, 36) (1865-1877)
Via Sorrentino (1881)
Via Cutelli (1883)
Via DiGiuliano (1889)
Via DiStefano, 70 (1891)
Via DiStefano, 37 (1892)
Via Misterbianco, 43 (1897)
Via Fischetti, 57 (1899)
Via Ventimiglia, 157 (1902)
Via Opificio, 25 (1907)
Via Celeste, 110 (1909)
Via Consolazione, 81 (1914)

Some of the addresses above still exist today, but some streets seem to have been renamed.

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