Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I love this picture! In the middle is my bestefar, Thorolf Haugen, and behind him is my tante Astrid (Kristiansen) on the left and her sister, my bestemor, Gyda Kristiansen Haugen. 
Bestemor and bestefar mean grandmother and grandfather in Norwegian.  


  1. Hei, er dette rett? Bestemors søster kan da ikke være din tante? Det er vel mor eller fars søster som er din tante?

    Grandma's sister can't be Your aunt, I presume.


  2. Thank you for your comment. No, in English she would be my grand-aunt. However, my tante Astrid lived in an apartment below my bestemor's house... and to my father she was "tante." He always called her tante (aunt) and so we also called her tante. I'm not sure how you even say grand-aunt in Norwegian... beste-tante? :-) My brother and I and all my cousins called her "tante Astrid."

  3. I did also call my mothers and fathers aunts "tante" and their uncles "uncle". We never used grand-tante. I think this is very individual and different from family to family.