Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Genealogy Trip - Day 3 and 4

Ruins of the Phoenician-Roman fish market
We spent two more relaxing days in Spain before heading to Norway.  On the third day in Spain, we took a walk in the old town of Almuñecar.  We visited the ruins of a Phoenician-Roman fish market that was discovered not too long ago.  In fact, Almuñecar began as a Phoenician colony named Sexi; it was later occupied by Romans and several other cultures.  Next, we meandered through the botanical park and, coming out of the park, it is a short walk to the new aquarium, which was quite nice.  The facility also had a tunnel where you can see the fish, including sharks, swimming over your head.  It is similar to one I saw at Ripley's Believe It or Not Aquarium in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, during my wedding/honeymoon weekend. Later, that evening, my son took a swim in the pool, and we also played some competitive Ping Pong.  He won.

My son being silly in the pool
The next morning, we walked down the hill to the small beach.  It is a quiet pebble beach, and the weather was perfect -- not too hot or cold.  My son enjoyed a swim in the water.  After a nice cafe con leche, we returned to the house to pack, work on some preparations for Norway, and take a nap.  In the evening, we went out for one more tour of the town before calling it a night.

At the beach


  1. looking forward to seeing you next Friday!

  2. Have a great trip Astrid. See that you'll visit the Oslo/Bærum area during your stay. Jordbærhaugen/Lommedalen is a really beautiful part of the area.