Friday, January 29, 2010

Inter-Library Loan Failure

Well, I tried ILL, but I guess the books I wanted were the "ungettable get."  I ordered several Norwegian Bygdeboks -- books with a wealth of genealogical and historical information -- that I know exist at St. Olaf's University in Minnesota and the University of North Dakota.  I guess they are not sharing!  I will have to try another set of books next.  I will keep you posted....


  1. I am sorry you could not borrow them.I have found some on Google however.


  2. You might ask your librarian to check with the universities to see if they would be willing to do an interlibrary loan with in-house use only. You would not be able to take the books home; you'd have to use them in the library. As a special collections librarian myself, I would be very hesitant to lend out many of our rare, valuable, or fragile materials via ILL that we don't even allow our students to check out.