Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Resolutions

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  My parents came to visit, and we did some shopping, traveling, and eating!  I have a lot to undo regarding the last item on that list.  However, some genealogy excitement did occur over the holidays.  My father gave me a bowl for Christmas that belonged to my great-great grandmother Hanna Andreasdatter (Haugen).  It is blown glass that looks wavy, beautifully pink, and sits on a silver pedestal. I looked it up and found out it is a Victorian Bride's Bowl.  It was often used for berries or other fruit and was given as a wedding gift, hence the name.  My gg-grandmother married in 1889, so I am guessing the bowl dates back that far.  My mother brought me a few items to scan and maybe hold on to for a while until she misses them -- my Italian grandfather's diary written in 1915; a letter from my great-grandfather to my grandfather, written in 1914; a diary with a play written by my grandfather's aunt while he was in boarding school and that also contains a first draft of a play written by him; and she also brought a few other other things for me to see and photograph.  Another exciting thing that happened during the holidays was that I was asked to write an article for a Norwegian genealogy society magazine.  I worked really hard on this and had my father help me translate it into Norwegian... I think it might come out January 5th or 10th.

So what are my resolutions for 2010?

1) Organize, organize, organize!
2) Get everything into a software program on my computer and keep a copy on  Right now, I only have the latter.
3) Scan, scan, scan.  Share, share, share.
4) Finish my genealogy Web site and make it live.
5) Contact as many people related to family history as possible.
6) Clean up the holes on my tree.
7) Order several items from the LDS library for my research.
8) Write more articles.
9) Have my husband restore a few old photos for me.
10) Protect and restore old family history books and items I own. 

I wish everyone a Happy New Genea-Year!


  1. Sounds like you are planning a busy genealogy-year! My list is more of the same, hope I will get more time this year.

    Looking forward to see your article in our magazine!

  2. Those sounds like some really wonderful Christmas gifts, and some very ambitious goals! Happy New Year!