Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Irish Records on

I'm not Irish, but my husband is, and my newsletter had an article (by Juliana Smith) which said the following: " has posted indexes to Irish Civil Registrations which began in 1864 for birthsmarriages, and deaths (1845 for non-Catholic marriages). In addition there is an index to births and baptisms that dates back to 1620, extracted from a variety of records.

Three other collections that were also posted caught my eye—Catholic baptismsmarriages, and deaths (the latter being the smallest). Although these collections are works-in-progress that are smaller in size and not all-inclusive, they are significant because some of the records pre-date civil registration. Since Irish emigration peaked during the famine and post-famine years prior to when most civil registration began, these records an important resource for many Irish-Catholic ancestors who left during that period."

Be sure to check it out if you have Irish roots! 

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