Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ancestor Approved Award Winners

Thank you Tessa for nominating me for the Ancestor Approved Award.  I already had one, but it is nice to be thought of again! 

Tessa wrote on her blog: The Ancestor Approved Award was created in March 2010 by Leslie Ann Ballou at Ancestors Lived Here. It has traveled far and wide returning to some bloggers a few times while making its rounds. Leslie Ann asks two things of those who receive it (surprisingly more involved than one might think):

1) List 10 surprising, humbling, or enlightening aspects of your research; and 2) Pass the Award on to 10 other researchers whose family history blogs are "doing their ancestors proud."

Since I have received this award before, I will point you to my previous response.

Also, last time, these were the blogs I nominated:

1) Herstoryan
2) Slekt og Slikt
3) A Multitude of Sens
4) Nordic Blue
5) Ginisology
6) Are You My Cousin?
7) Swedish Thoughts
8) A Tale of Two Ancestors
9) Lessons from my Ancestors
10) Kinfolk News

Here are ten new ones:
1) Claudia's Genealogy Blog
2) Ancestor Hunting
3) Jirene's Genealogy Treasures
4) Growing up in an Italian Family
5) Italy Gen
6) Random Relatives
7) Jessica's Genejournal
8) Carrow and Faunt Family Tales
9) Family Stories
10) Itawamba Connections
Enjoy, and good job. Oh, and don't forget to post the award picture on your blog!


  1. Thanks for thinking of me and awarding me the Ancestor Approved Award!

  2. Thanks for this! I really was surprised (and pleased) by it. BY the way - would love to hear more about your Italian ancestry.

  3. Thanks Astrid!
    I'm thinking about my list!!!