Monday, December 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- Borge Church and Cemetery in Østfold

This beautiful church --Borge Kirke -- in Østfold, Norway, is an important one in my paternal grandfather's ancestral line.  The church's Web site says that the location was probably used for pagan Norse whorship in pre-Christian times.  The first Christian church built on the site was dedicated to St. Olav.  Unfortunately, the original church and several others after were completely burned.  The current church was built in the traditional stone style in1861.  I was happy to visit this church last summer and look for old graves, but, as expected, my family graves were long-gone.  However, I did notice that this church had far more old graves than other churches I had visited.


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  1. Churches in Norway... so gorgeous buildings, or . wrong word actually..... have to find the right word. For now: beautiful.