Monday, October 11, 2010

Amanuensis Monday -- 1910 Postcard from Canada

I don't know if a postcard qualifies for this series, but here goes anyway.  I have written before about a great-uncle, Nels Olausen Jordbaerhaugen, who left Norway in 1907 and came through Ellis Island with four friends.  They were headed to his brother Kristen in North Dakota.  In 1910 he traveled with three of his friends to Saskatchewan, Canada to look for land and did indeed file for a homestead there.  In 1910 he sent his sister, Margit, a postcard which was a picture of himself with two of his friends.  He wrote the following (and this could probably be translated better):

Dear Sister,

I must congratulate you and Jenny (another sister) for your birthdays on 7-1-1910 (d/m/yr).  I think you know these faces.  Give my regards to all who know me. 
Many regards from Nels Olausen.

Nels is the one in the center

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  1. A picture and the handwriting of an ancestor. Jackpot.