Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hellebæk Sawmill in Kongsberg, Norway

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     I received an email from a relative I met in Norway this past summer.  Enclosed was this picture he had dug up with a friend who has access to old pictures of Kongsberg, Norway.  It is a bit hard to see unless the photo is enlarged, but on the left is a sawmill where my great-great grandfather, Emil Georg Samuelsen Haugen, worked.  The house he shared with my gg-grandmother, Hanna Marie Andreasdatter, is behind it (not visible).  There is another sawmill that is close-up, on the right.  Both sawmills are on the other side of river Lågen.  The one on the right (closer sawmill) is Kongsberg Dampsag, and on the left is Hellebæk, where Emil worked. 

     The picture is from the early twenties, and one can see the Kjerrat, a bridge where the timber was transported from the river into the sawmill. There is also a narrow road going north, behind the Sawmill.  As I indicated earlier, the house of Emil and Hanna was on the right side of that road, and therefore hidden behind the sawmill building. 

Thank you, Odd, for sharing!

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  1. Astrid, I think you are wrong in saying Emil·s house is not in the picture. I THINK IT IS. It is the first house you come to when following the "kjerrat" up from the river, i.e. in front of, not behind, the mill. We have a picture taken at his house, showing the "kjerrat". I will look for it.