Friday, November 27, 2009

Trip to Oslo

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I have stood on this corner in Oslo myself, and it is rather extraordinary for me to see my grandfather and great-grandparents standing there circa 1920.  Behind, to the right, one can see the famous Nasjonalteateret (National Theater).  Nothing has changed, including the iron post behind them, on the left.  What is different is the period of time, the clothes, the car sputtering away in the background.  Front row: Eleonore Haugen, Thorolf Haugen (my grandfather), and Norvald Haugen. Second row: Great-grandfather Thomas Haugen, Mailis Haugen (in his arms), and great-grandmother Joergine (Ludvigsdatter) Haugen.

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  1. Hello Astrid, Laila sent me a link to your blog. I found your family research very intersting and informative - great writing and wonderful pictures. I am researching my Bjerknes family in Oslo and Horgen family in Drammen.
    Sue Davis from Venice, FL