Saturday, October 17, 2009

Visit to Norway Circa 1969

Today I wanted to post the only pictures I have with my great-grandparents Thomas Alexius Haugen (1889 - 1969) and Joergine Amalie Ludvigsdatter (1889 - 1972). I believe these were taken only a few months before my great-grandfather died. I have posted previously about Thomas with regards to the Haugen name. He and Joergine also appear in the pictures taken when they went to Finland where my grandfather was born. My great-grandmother Joergine also wrote a lovely poem about her childhood in Vesten and the timber life, which I also previously posted. I feel pretty lucky to have some pictures with them, although I wish I remembered them. I believe these were taken in Oestfold, Norway (Fredrikstad area).

Great-grandparents Thomas and Joergine Haugen... and me (quite a bit younger) circa 1969.

Great-grandmother Joergine with me circa 1969.

My great-grandparents and my parents.

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