Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ancestry (Dot) Com

I have been creating my family tree on I do like the interface, and I can load pictures and records. People can also comment when I load something new. However, it dawned on me at one point that all this hard work is being kept on a server somewhere and not on my computer. What if they delete it all one day?

The problem is that I have work computers that I use to log into Ancestry on the weekends and evenings, but I don't have a personal computer where I can actually store my family tree. But as soon as I do, I plan on buying the latest Family Tree Maker 2010 software. Supposedly, it will suck my tree, and all my hard work uploading pictures and records, and save it on my computer. I don't know if this will end up being a dead link soon, but here is the link for the software, so anyone who reads this can see the details:

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  1. Astrid,

    When you consider using the Family Tree Maker Version 2010, you might want to visit my Blog on Family Tree Maker. I have a couple of articles on how to Download your work from's Member Family Tree (which is what I think you have) into Family Tree Maker Version 2010 on your PC (when you get one).

    There are a number of articles on Version 2010.

    Good luck,